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2017-094: Development of a novel vaccine for protection against Mycoplasma bovis infections in feedlot cattle

Researcher: Jose Perez-Casal

Funding: $149,788

Mycoplasma bovis is a pathogen causing respiratory disease and arthritis, among other problems. It is increasingly recognized as having an important impact on the health, welfare, and productivity of dairy and beef cattle. M. bovis diseases can be difficult to diagnose and control because of inconsistent disease expression and response to treatments and vaccines. Dr. Perez-Casal will test novel vaccine candidates against an M. Bovis challenge. This approach has already been successful in Sub-Sahara Africa against Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia.


This project resulted in the identification of novel antigens that could be used in the development of a vaccine to control M. bovis disease in feedlots. However, this vaccine wasn't administered orally, and had less opportunity to affect the lungs - a key obstacle that could significantly improve the immune response.

The scientists at VIDO (Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization) in Saskatoon, SK are now working on oral and intranasal routes for immunizations. However, the vaccines need to be formulated to reach the deepest sections of the lungs, which could include encapsulations and biodegradable polymers.

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