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Episode 1: Vaccine Protocols

Are you getting the most out of your vet? What's the point of writing down your vaccine protocol? You know the basics, but learn a little more in this video with Dr. Colin Palmer.

Episode 2: Documentation

You've sold a cow or calf a bit early - but can you remember without a doubt when you gave that animal it's last vaccine? If it goes to slaughter with residue, you're on the hook. Keep those records, and save some hassle!

Episode 3: Syringe Demo

Looking for some orientation for the new hire? Or, do you want some tips for syringe management? Dr. Colin Palmer from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine has a few pointers

Episode 4: Syringe Cleaning

How clean are your syringes? Are you using boiling water to clean them, or hot water? Can you quickly note which ones are for bacteria, and which ones are for viruses? Get a few tips from Saskatchewan's VBP+ Coordinator Erika Stewart.

Episode 5: Mixing Vaccine

Worried about getting the best from your vaccines? Here's a few tips to make sure your upcoming spring processing goes smoothly.

Episode 6: Calf Processing

Branding is well underway! Do you have any newcomers? Maybe you're thinking of adding implants to your procedures? Lee Sinclair has a few tips.

Episode 7: Vaccine Administration

Fall processing is upon us, if you haven't already gotten started. Here's a couple of tips from Dr. Colin Palmer to make sure your vaccines are as useful as possible.

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