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Animal Health

2021-095: Investigation of AMR transmission via horizontal gene transfer in Mycoplasma bovis

2021-088: Clinical investigation of treatment options for joint infections in western Canadian feedlot

2020-111: Enhancing diagnostic methods for rapid and accurate detection of macrolide resistance in Mannheimia haemolytica

2020-109: Using watering bowls to monitor the respiratory bacterial resistome in cattle by location and time within the feedlot

2020-107: Towards 1-step testing – rapid identification of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) viruses to inform vaccine use & development

2019-114: A screen for drugs that reveal Mycoplasma bovis to the bovine immune system

2019-006: Genomic epidemiology and rapid detection of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis infections (Johne’s disease) in Saskatchewan cattle

2018-138 Managing calves before arrival at the feedlot to reduce infectious disease, antimicrobial use & resistance: What is it worth & An Interactive Tool to Inform Johne’s Disease Control in Beef Herds: What Test, When and How Often

2018-137: Treatment guidance for Bovine respiratory disease: Optimizing prudent and economical antimicrobial decision making.

2018-136: Use of bacteriophage-derived lysins in combatting multi-drug resistant (MDR) pathogens that cause bovine respiratory disease (BRD)

2018-135: Comparison of immune response & respiratory disease sparing effect of homologous & heterologous vaccine programs in neonatal calves

2017-147: Mycoplasma bovis antimicrobial resistance determination by MALDI-TOF MS: feasibility and practical application pilot study.

2017-146: Enhanced Vaccine Adjuvant Platform for Nasal Administration in Livestock

2017-146: Enhanced Vaccine Adjuvant Platform for Nasal Administration in Livestock

2017-145: Alternative Trace Mineral Supplementation Strategies for Improved Cow Performance

2017-094: Development of a novel vaccine for protection against Mycoplasma bovis infections in feedlot cattle

2016-186: Effect of Ergot on Beef Bull Fertility

2016-084: A field comparison of intranasal versus injectible BRD vaccination on beef calf titres, ADG, morbidity and mortality

2011-088 Developing indices for early selection of profitable beef cow herds

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