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Beef production is a complicated business. Producers have to wear many hats and have to make many complicated decisions that affect the outcome of their business.

Below are some tools, brought to you by organizations like BCRC and the Saskatchewan Forage Council, that producers can utilize when making some of those decisions.

Producer Tools

Tool for Evaluating Feed Test Results

Winter Feed Cost Comparison Calculator

Carrying Capacity Calculator

Forage U-Pick

AHEM - Animal Health Emergency Management

The Animal Health Emergency Management (AHEM) project is focussed on industry relevant resources to minimize the impacts of serious livestock diseases now and into the future. Minimizing impact through proactive planning, preparation and response Up-to-date and trustworthy information is a tremendous asset, especially during an emergency. Our goal is to support livestock industry organizations and those on the ground with practical resources that clearly outline important considerations and necessary action during a serious event. Below are links to the AHEM Producer Handbook for the Saskatchewn beef cattle sector and to the AHEM site for more information. Handbook link: AHEM_SCA_Handbook.pdf AHEM website: Animal Health Emergency Management (AHEM) project

BCRC Backgrounding Calculater

The Beef Cattle Research Council’s new Backgrounding Calculator can help make the decision. This decision-making tool is designed to identify economic opportunities and risks from backgrounding cattle. The BCRC Backgrounding Calculator |

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