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Beef production is a complicated business. Producers have to wear many hats and have to make many complicated decisions that affect the outcome of their business.

Below are some tools, brought to you by organizations like BCRC and the Saskatchewan Forage Council, that producers can utilize when making some of those decisions.

Click on the link below to access tools that can help you make production decisions that suit a specific beef operation. These tools are best viewed and used on a tablet or computer.


AHEM - Animal Health Emergency Management


The Animal Health Emergency Management (AHEM) project is focused on industry relevant resources to minimize the impacts of serious livestock diseases now and into the future.

Handbook link: AHEM_SCA_Handbook.pdf

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An interactive forage species selection tool for Western Canada

Forage U-Pick is a tool designed to provide users with information for forage selection, forage seeding rates, and weed management.

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Animals in transit must be under the care of a designated person responsible for their well-being and welfare. No animal(s) can be left at an auction mart, packing plant or other assembly centre without written documentation of transfer of care.

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