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2017-004: Enhancing the Efficiency of Computer Vision Carcass Data Capture and Reporting for Feedlots and Packing Plants

Researcher: Mark Klassen

Funded: $10,000

At the moment, carcasses at the top and bottom of Canada’s yield class 1 differ by more than 50 pounds of lean mean. Researcher Mark Klassen will develop procedure for plan computer vision system grading with support from a web based Carcass Information System (CIS). CIS will be used at a pilot evaluation at Harmony Beef, which will pay on a lean yield % basis, as opposed to yield classes. In addition, CIS can be further developed to provide analytical reporting to feedlots and processors, so that they can adjust their beef production and procurement practices. This research has the potential to reduce the number of graders necessary, and therefore reduce grading costs


Waiting for research results.

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