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Economic Sustainability

2019-118: Evaluating Premiums for Weaned Calves Marketed with Value-Added Management Characteristics

2017-148: Dugout management for improved water quality

2017-140: Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey II: Understanding Practices and Profitability

2017-048: Implications of Carbon Pricing for Canada’s Beef Sector: Quantitative Analysis and Assessment of Revenue Recycling Policies

2017-004: Enhancing the Efficiency of Computer Vision Carcass Data Capture and Reporting for Feedlots and Packing Plants

2016-189: The Economics of Forage-Based Backgrounding Programs in Conventional and Non-Conventional Beef Production Systems

2016-109: Factors Affecting the adoption and exploitation of data management systems in the Canadian beef industry

2013-321 Policy Development Carbon Sequestration

2012-027: Multiplier Effect in the Canadian Beef Industry

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