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Technology and Engineering

a) Develop methods to more easily distribute water to cattle in remote areas,

b) Create management plans or products that would ease transitions for cattle into newer areas such as feedlots and backgrounding areas.

c) Create technology that would cost-effectively improve poor water quality to livestock.

d) Develop methods to easily track the Body Condition Score and/or the ratio between cow to calf weight, in order to target best feeding conditions for both.

e) Develop and process methods to quickly assess feed quality on farms or at local extension branches.

f) Develop a durable, reliable cattle tracing system and vaccination system for in-field and rough conditions.

g) Create a program that can help easily compare, in real time, how your herd compares with the health and statistics of herds in previous years, or of neighbouring herds.

h) Track the number of times a cow has been bred throughout the breeding season, and by which bull.

i) Create an easy to use or passive scale for a cattle herd to easily track their weight and health.

j) Develop a tool that will monitor an individual animal performance and health in comparison to the rest of the herd.

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