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2021-091: Smart Farming to Optimize Productivity - How to Put Your Data to Use

Researcher: Terry Fonstad

Funding: $36,000.00

There are vast amounts of environmental and crop performance data, using cameras, human observations, and sensors. It can be difficult to understand the health and productivity of your animals and land when the data programs and equipment do not interact with each other, leaving the producer to dive into various platforms and information sources to piece it together.

Integrating the data into an application/dashboard with increased functionality can improve efficiency and productivity, as it is more easily gathered and interpreted. Dr. Terry Fonstad will create this platform to meaningfully apply the application of smart farming and the Internet of Things to Ag in Saskatchewan using the existing wireless sensor networks at the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence and SaskTel. He and his team will also add analytics tools to test, develop, and commercialize new opportunities. Throughout this process, they will also engage with farm managers, researchers, and industry to ensure the effectiveness of the dashboard as it develops.


Waiting for research results.

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