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2012-118 Mobile Technology Strategies and App Development to Provide Industry with Canadian Cattle Market Information

Researcher: CANFAX

Funded: $8,000

Market information is a valuable tool for beef producers throughout the year. Having up-to-date and accurate futures prices on live and fed calves, as well as the Canadian dollar and corn help producers plan ahead.


CanFax has worked to provide cattle market information for Canadian producers. This project has ensured that farmers and ranchers have access to this information through their computers and phones.

This work originally developed an app for Apple smart phones. After a great deal of promotion through various media channels, there were 900 downloads in the first 2.5 months after its launch. However, supporting this app required annual costs. The financial resources to do so were not readily available.

With additional support from the Government of Alberta, CanFax created an online site which provides the same cattle market information. The market information is connected to the CME, and needs only annual updating without further financial resources.

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