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2020 -103: Assessing the Impacts of Forages on GHG Sequestration in Saskatchewan Crop Rotations

Researcher: Stuart Smyth

Funding: $25,000

Agriculture producers have adopted a number of practices that have carbon sequestration over the past 20 years and beyond. Common practices regarding livestock have existed far longer. However, the environmental benefits of agriculture practices have not been well document.

This research will expand on a survey initially conducted in 2007 to understand how forages fit into the crop rotation, and to note or quantify their carbon sequestration benefits.

Through additional surveys, workshops, and focus groups, Dr. Stuart Smyth will note how forages are utilized in the crop rotation. Land management, weed control and comparisons to rotations prior to 1995 will be made. It will also gather insights into forage input costs for conversion from crop production.

Results: Waiting for research results.
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