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2020-104: Investigating the Role of GDF11 in muscle and fat deposition in Beef Cattle

Researcher: Mika Asai-Coakwell

Funded: $18,500

Both consumer preferences and producer efficiency are important to cattle production. Consumers are interested in beef that is tender - a trait that has been noted for years, but has not significantly improved in numerous quality surveys. The number of genes that note growth, carcass yield and meat tenderness are few, and have not been the focus of many projects. While over 60% of beef cattle graded AAA or Prime, there has been a decline in yield grade.

Dr. Mika Asai-Coakwell has indicated that one beef gene variant, GDF11, could impact marbling, backfat, and yield score while also allowing beef cows to thrive under extensive production settings with better pregnancy rates, milk composition, and weaning weights.

This research team, which includes Ms. Kathy Larson and Dr. Greg Penner, will compare the DNA of cross-bred beef cows to their body weight, age, calf birth weight, and other growth data that are economic importance. They will also evaluate feedlot calves with a variety of GDF11 variants being fed to finish with GrowSafe Bunks. Differences between purebred and crossbred cattle will be noted, as weill meat quality differences associated with these genotypes


Waiting for research results.

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