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Bill C-234 Next Steps:
It's time to #ShowYourReceipts

Recently the Senate passed an amended version of Bill C-234, sending it back to the House of Commons. The bill now falls short of providing essential relief for farmers, ranchers and growers who require propane and natural gas to heat and cool their barns or run their greenhouses. There is a significant threat of the bill dying due to the parliamentary process if we do not push for its quick passage into law. 


Setting the record straight 


Ottawa is a long way from the farm gate – it’s time to bridge that gap. Let's show Senators and MPs the impact this tax has on your daily operations.  


Your contribution matters 


Over the last two months, you’ve sent over 8,000 letters to Senators and the Prime Minister’s Office helping to keep the pressure and move the passage of this crucial legislation forward. Now it’s time to #ShowYourReciepts to reinforce our position and back up our advocacy efforts to make sure that Members of Parliament reject the Senate’s proposed amendments and the bill is finally passed into law in its original form. We’re seeking your crucial input. How much have you paid in carbon taxes for essential farming operations such as drying grain, heating barns and greenhouses, irrigating land or preparing feed?  


Follow the link below to share your natural gas or propane bill to provide a full picture of the impact carbon taxes have on your farm. 


We will be compiling, analyzing and anonymizing this data (using only your first name, province and commodities you produce) to present it directly to Senators, Members of Parliament and Ministers. Our goal is to provide them with an exact understanding of what farmers, growers and ranchers pay and why farmers need Bill C-234 in its original form.  

Take action now

Farmers, your voice matters! Share your carbon tax receipts with the ACA. Let's ensure Senators and MPs understand the true weight of this tax. Your contribution will make a significant difference.

Don’t forget to spread the word

Share this page across your social media platforms and encourage others to #ShowYourReceipts.  

Thank you for standing with us!

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