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About SCA

The Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association was established in 2009 with the mandate to provide a united voice for the province's beef industry, with representation from all industry sectors and across all regions of the province. As a development commission, the SCA works to develop and promote the industry by investing levies collected through the sale of beef cattle in the province.

The SCA was established with 11 regional districts across the province. One director is elected from each district, with two directors appointed from the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) and the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association (SCFA). The sixteen-member board also includes the immediate past chair of the SCA.

Every registered producer, which is any Saskatchewan cattle producer who has paid levies within the last two years and has not received a refund, is entitled to one vote and is eligible to hold office as a director for the Association. Beef producers in Saskatchewan currently pay a $4.50 per head marketed levy. The administration of both provincial ($2 refundable) and national ($2.50 non-refundable) levies are the responsibility of the SCA. The authority to collect these levies is found under the Cattle Development Plan Regulations and is administered by the SCA. This is a producer-led and controlled fund, with beef producers in charge of leading and shaping their own industry.

We encourage your input and feedback.

SCA Staff

Grant McLellan
Grant McLellan CEO SCA.jpg

Many of you may not know me, so I’ll start at the beginning - I grew up in Holdfast, SK in a family of five, where we had a grain farm just a few miles out of town that my brother and dad still operate.  I moved to Regina for my undergrad degree, and I still live here with my lovely wife, Meagan.  From 2012 until this fall, I worked in several positions across government; I had the privilege of serving under two administrations in that time, under both Premiers Brad Wall and Scott Moe.  More recently, I worked in the offices of the Minister of Agriculture, and the Minister of Trade and Export Development.  I guess what I’m saying is: I’m looking forward to getting out of an office and back into the country talking to producers.  Listening about where members want to see our organization go, but more importantly, where they see the industry going.  I know that we are facing headwinds in the sector, both from drought and increased government regulations, but we’re used to wind here in Saskatchewan.  I know the ranchers and farmers in this province will meet the challenge, and I’m hopeful I’ll be able to help in some way - I am looking forward to working for you.

Phone: 306-585-2333  


Policy Analyst

Christina Patterson brings several years of government and private sector experience to her position at the SCA. As a Director of Policy in the federal government from 2006-2010, she helped shape policies that brought major changes and important reforms to the departments of Agriculture and Aboriginal Affairs. She also played a key role in ensuring those policies were effectively communicated. Prior to that, Christina worked as an agricultural specialist at the United States Embassy in Ottawa. Since leaving politics, Christina has worked for several clients in the agricultural sector. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Natural Resource Management from the University of Manitoba.

​Email:    Phone: 306-585-2333     
Cell: 306-551-1004

Executive Administrator
Leann November 2021+Retouched.png

Leann comes from a farming background where her grandparents were grain and cattle producers in the Ogema area. More recently, Leann and her husband owned a farm in the Kayville area, where they were grain producers. Now residing in the City of Regina, Leann recently retired and found that working was a far better option. Leann is responsible for keeping the SCA office running smoothly and is the first point of contact for people getting in touch with the organization.

Phone: 306-585-2333     
Fax: 306-585-2334

Beef Production Specialist

Marianne Possberg joined the SCA after completing her Masters in Agricultural Economics at the University of Saskatchewan, where she studied profitability and sustainability on cow-calf farms. Originally from a family operated backgrounding and finishing operation, which originally had a cow-calf enterprise as well, she later worked in Ottawa with a research litigation firm, where she helped the office innovate while reducing costs. In her position as the Beef Production Specialist, Marianne searches for and ensures research investments that suit Saskatchewan beef producers’ needs, while also providing producers with information about innovative management practices.

Phone: 306-585-2333   
Cell: 306-450-5156

Communications & Marketing

Glenn LaPointe joined the SCA in late 2019. He comes to the SCA with 10 years of experience in the film, graphic arts, and information technology sectors.  He is new to the beef industry and brings his fresh eyes, energy, and multimedia skills to learning about the industry and promoting on behalf of Saskatchewan beef producers.


Cell: 306-580-7038

Phone: 306-585-2333  

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