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Verified Beef Production Plus

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Increasingly, beef retailers are trying to prove to their customers that they are doing the right thing.For the most part this does not mean they simply accept assurances of producers or suppliers that they are doing so.


Verified Beef Production Plus provides consumers and retailers confidence beef producers are doing things right. 
​VBP+ is a program that ultimately assures consumers that the products and good practices of Canada's beef producers are the best in the world. We already have a reputation for acting responsibly, but VBP takes that to a new level. Grass-roots driven and industry-led, the program is part of a broad effort by Canada's food providers to show consumers that on-farm food safety and sustainability are the industry's top priorities.

VBP+ certification will result in stronger competitiveness for Canada's beef industry, as food safety continues to grow as a major factor in consumer buying decisions.

​The SCA board strongly recommends that producers take advantage of VBP+ so that verification will continue to be industry-led and not pushed upon the industry by an outside entity.

For more information, contact the Saskatchewan VBP+ Coordinator, Erika Stewart:

Email: sk@verifiedbeef.ca
Phone: (306)774-2220

Note: Erika will be going on maternity leave from Oct 1, 2020 - Sept 30, 2021 but she will be staying on part-time with the program. During this time, please contact Holly (below) with all your inquiries.

Holly Thompson- Assistant Provincial VBP+ Coordinator
Cell: 1-306-795-7737

Email Holly

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