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Belton's Amazing Reverse Seared Tri Tip

Tri Tip is a favorite amongst many bbqers because of its reasonable price, short cooking time, and beefy flavor. This recipe calls for a Reverse Seared Tri Tip which is first smoked for close to 90 minutes and then seared over a direct flame to lock in juices and render that delicious crust.


Ingredients for Reverse Sear Tri-Tip:

-2 tbsp of you favorite steak seasoning

-1 to 3 pound tri-tip roast (fat cap & silver skins removed)

-3 tbsp olive oil


First let’s get smoker fired up to 225 degrees.

Rub tri-tip with olive oil and season every nook & cranny w/ your favorite steak seasoning.

Place tri-tip on smoker and smoke until internal temp 5 degrees below desired internal temp for doneness.

Next, turn heat up smoker to 500 degrees. Sear 3-5 mins on both sides until tri-tip reaches desired internal temp.

Remove tri-tip from smoker and allow to rest at least 10 mins. slice tri-tip against the grain.

Desired internal temps guide:

120°F = Rare

125°F = Medium Rare

130°F = Medium

140°F = Medium Well

150°F = Well Done

Guess what, it's eatin time!!!

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