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Animal Nutrition and Management

a) Identify cost-effective agronomic strategies to increase feed grain energy yield per acre.

b) Develop new feed grain varieties with improved feed grain energy yield per acre, nitrogen and water use efficiency.

c) Identify, evaluate and calculate the cost-effectiveness of alternative / by-product energy feeds, considering impacts on animal performance, health, product quality, and nutrient management.

d) Identify long-term efficient and cost-effective solutions to treat water not otherwise suitable for cattle to drink.

e) Determine benefits of the forage by-products of newer, economically feasible, crops in Saskatchewan.

f) Develop cost-effective nutritional and other management strategies to effectively reduce the need for antimicrobials to control liver abscesses.

g) Develop a better understanding of the respiratory and gut microbiomes, their establishment and development in the neonate, and their relation to immunity and disease.

h) Develop cost-effective non-antimicrobial feed products to prevent, treat and control disease.

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