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Animal Health

a) Develop and promote cost-effective vaccination and management strategies that can be widely adopted throughout the beef production system to improve health, reproductive and performance outcomes

b) Re-invest in vaccine research, including Histophilus somni.

c) Assess the value of re-investing in vaccine development, with a specific focus on pathogens such as, Mycoplasma spp, liver abscesses, foot rot, and digital dermatitis.

d) Investigate and develop simple, cost-effective alternative vaccine delivery methods to improve vaccination rates.

e) Develop rapid, accurate, cost-effective diagnostic tools to detect disease before symptoms become apparent.

f) Evaluate the cost-effectiveness and ease of application of pain control products and strategies for avoiding or mitigating acute and chronic pain.

g) Develop cost-effective non-antimicrobial products to prevent, treat and control disease.

h) Identify or develop management or treatment options that lead to improved control of internal and external parasites.

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