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2021-096: A critical review of best management practices for pasture rejuvenation

Researcher: Greg Penner

Funding: $6600

Project Description:

Saskatchewan is comprised of many different soils, different climates, and different ecosystems. A noted beneficial practice in Southwest Saskatchewan will not necessarily benefit producers near Melfort or Nipawin.

There have been many research and demonstration projects highlighting how forages can be rejuvenated throughout the past few decades, but due to varying weather conditions, and the different influences each region can have on forages and grasslands, general or even specific advice is hard to provide.

This research project will gather previous work conducted throughout the province on practices affecting the success of pasture rejuvenation strategies and weigh their results on their statistical power. That is, how likely the same practice will produce the same results when repeated.
It will also consider the soil zone, original pasture composition, and rejuvenation methods so that fact sheets and other extension material are shared within the beef and forage network, and with agrologists throughout the province.

Results: Waiting for research results.

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