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2020-110: Collaborative testing and development of forage barley varieties for western Canada

Researcher: Yadeta Kabeta

Project Description:

Dr. Yadeta Kabeta and his team have already developed 6 new varieties that have improved forage biomass yield and forage quality in the past 5 years, compared to Cowboy and Maverick. However, they still have a goal to address lodging and the 25% of the plant biomass that is indigestible by livestock. They intend to provide newer varieties with higher forage yield and fodder quality.

Evaluation of barley lines will be evaluated in different soil zones across Western Canada with 5 common check cultivars. They will assess the forage and yield quality of all of these lines, as well as their nutritive value, to determine the average daily gain a backgrounding animal would achieve. This research team hopes to release one or more of its best lines for commercial cultivation.

Results: Waiting for research results.

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