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2017-092: Developing forage barley and triticale varieties with high whole plant biomass and enhanced nutritive value AND Increasing the yield threshold and enhancing the ideotype and quality of barley cultivars for feed in Western Canada

Researchers: Yadeta Kabeta & Flavio Capettini

Funding: $45,000

Project Description:

Beef producers grow barley not only to feed their cattle, but in the hope that they can attain high quality malt barley as well. This project is meant to increase the prevalence of malt barley, and also to increase yield and lodging resistance, to benefit producers who aren’t able to attain malt quality status. It also plans to further develop barley and triticale for forage production, to increase biomass yield by 15%, to improve greenfeed & swath grazing production, and to expand the window for silage harvest. To increase consumption, they also plan to incorporate palatability.

Results: Waiting for research results.

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