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2016-187: Selection of clonal propagated alfalfa and sainfoin plants under grass or legume competition

Researcher: Bill Biligetu

Funding: $20,700

Project Description:

Sainfoin and alfalfa provide better health to agricultural soils. Sainfoin, in particular, is a non-bloating type of legume that can increase protein absorption. However, growth of sainfoin decreased in the ‘60s and ‘70’s due to its inability to grow in mixed forage stands. Dr. Biligetu and his research team have pro-posed a research plan that will help both alfalfa and sainfoin strains thrive. This team will breed alfalfa and sainfoin plants then then transplant them in a meadow brome stand. Those plants that show superior genotypes will be intercrossed and evaluated for yield and quality. As a result, there will be an advanced breeding line for alfalfa and sainfoin than can contribute to a healthier forage soil as well as healthier and more efficient cattle herds.

Results: Waiting for research results.

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