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2020-106: Sulfate removal from agricultural ponds for improved cattle health: evaluating regional and local controls

Researcher: Kerri Finlay

Funding: $30,000

Previous research projects studying dugouts in Saskatchewan found that 1/ 4 had poor quality, while another 10% were unsuitable for livestock. This result could be show increasingly poor quality due to drought conditions. Past work, however, also noted that recharge ponds have lower sulfate levels, and respond differently to climate changes.

Dr. Kerri Finlay and her research team will investigate how sulfates enter agriculture ponds and dugouts. This includes understanding how riparian and floating plants can mitigate or bioremediate water contaminants, as well as whether they can be planted for this purpose. Dugout dredging will also be evaluated. Finally, the team will conduct an economic evaluation to provide comprehensive recommendations for Saskatchewan producers.


Waiting for research results.

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