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Investigating Reproductive Failure in Western Canadian Cow-Calf Hers: Developing a practical test for Camplobacter fetus and critcally examining the PCR for Tritrichomaonas fetus in beef bulls

Researcher: Data not available

Funding: Data not available

Project Description:

Project Length: 2 years

Vibriosis is a serious venereal disease in bulls, caused by a bacterial infection. This disease causes infertility, early embryonic death and sporadic late term abortions, resulting in a lower birth rate in a herd. While signs of an infection might show through the herd after preg checks are completed, infected bulls will show no clinical signs or changes in semen quality.


This study has proven to be very useful for our producers. Since this research has been completed, tests for vibriosis specifically developed for Western Canada have been developed. Thousands of these tests are used every year to diagnose bulls. These tests are available in local vet clinics

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