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2021-090: Bovine Reproductive Syndromic Sequencing Panel

Researcher: Yanyun Huang

Funded: $48,000

When a large number of cows abort, or when there is an usually high number of open cows, producers and veterinarians often search for answers, including a search for potential pathogens which could have caused this wreck.

 There are 12 pathogens linked with reproductive failure, which requires lab testing. Vets often choose the most likely tests, but when those fail, additional testing is necessary. Those tests also often fail. Only 64% of cases related to abortions had a final diagnosis. Repeating tests for additional pathogens takes time, and samples might have already deteriorated. As herds continue to amalgamate, it will increase this risk of pathogen transmission. 

Dr. Yanyun Huang from the Prairie Diagnostic Services will design a bovine reproductive sequencing panel, (BovReproSeq) with a list of selected pathogens, to reduce diagnostic time and to serve as a one-for-all test for bovine reproductive failure. After comparing this panel with the already available diagnostics, Dr. Yanyun and his team will note the costs of the different procedures.


Waiting for research results.

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