Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association

Board of Directors Elections

Each year, the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association (SCA) holds board elections in alternating districts. The terms of the representatives in districts 2, 3B, 5, 7 and 9A are all up for renewal in 2020.
The Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association nomination period for the board of directors closed July 31. Several incumbents are acclaimed and there will be an election in district 7.

The acclaimed incumbents include:

District 2 - Leigh Rosengren
District 3B - Keith Day
District 5 - Levi Hull
District 9A - Arnold Balicki.

In District 7,
William Coventry and Joleen Shea are the candidates with the election taking place in Kerrobert on October 20th at the Prairieland Community Centre, main hall. Producers from District 7 who have not taken check off refunds in the last two years are eligible to vote at the meeting that evening.

"In my time involved with the SCA, we have been fortunate at the quality of board members stepping forward. We have a good balance of turnover and stability. Whoever wins in district 7 has big shoes to fill as Paula Larson has always been a conscientious and thorough board member,” SCA Chair Arnold Balicki said.
SCA’s 11 districts are up for election on alternating years as directors serve two year terms. For more information including the district maps, other fall meeting times and places and more check out
The SCA is the provincial check-off agency for Saskatchewan beef producers. It exists to promote the well-being of the beef production sectors of the Saskatchewan beef cattle industry through effective representation from all regions of the province.