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Animal Nutrition & Management

2021-093: Exploring the potential of including chicory in pasture for beef cattle

2020-113: Evaluation of animal variability in fibre digestion and strategies to improve forage use in beef cattle

2020-106: Sulfate removal from agricultural ponds for improved cattle health: evaluating regional and local controls

2019-126: Level of canola source fat in pregnant beef cow diets effects on cow and calf performance

2019-121: Strategies to address mineral nutrition in the face of poor water quality

2019-116: Stocking density and feed bunk space as a risk factor for liver abscesses

2019-115: Accelerated and targeted discovery of cellulases using high resolution meta-omes of multiple ruminant species

2019-005: The use of sensory additives to boost feed intake and immune function of newly arrived feedlot cattle

2018-101: Proof of concept study for the delivery of a respiratory probiotic to feedlot cattle via the feed.

2018-099: Butyrate as a novel functional ingredient for feedlot cattle.

2018-097: Use of high moisture corn products for finishing cattle and the corn stover for extensive grazing

2017-003: Addressing Livestock Water Security Through Sulphate Removal Using Bio-adsorbent Materials and Modified Forms

2016-086: Optimizing ruminal fermentation using silage and cereal grain inclusion strategies for backgrounding and finishing steers

2016-006: Performance, Environmental and Economic Benefits of BioChar Supplementation in Beef Cattle Grazing Systems.

2016-004: Performance and Characterization of Low-lignin Alfalfa in Monoculture and Binary Mixtures

2015-114: Evaluating Core Body Temperature as an Indicator of Feed Efficiency Profile and Nutrient Status of Beef Cattle Fed Forage Diets

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