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I was born in 1952 and have lived on or near our mixed farm in the Aylesbury and Chamberlain area all my life. I am married to Nora and we have 3 adult children, Amy-Jo, a teacher in Calgary, Bert, a power lineman in Saskatoon, and Matthew, who with his wife Devon is becoming part of our farm company, Watkins Rock Solid Ranch Ltd. We have 6 grandchildren with a 7th on the way. We run a cowherd and background and develop heifers for breeding stock. Mattis also grain farming and we rely heavily on hired help. I went through the 4-H Beef program as a young person and our kids were involved in 4-H Beef as well. I have been on many local boards over the years and currently sit on the Craik and District Volunteer Firefighters Board. I also chair the Aylesbury Cemetery

Committee. I have post-secondary education with a Diploma (1972) from SIAAS Saskatoon, in Renewable Resources Technology. I have a real appreciation for wildlife and the environment, and have incorporated that into my farming and ranching career. We have been shareholders in a small domestically inspected abattoir since the BSE era, which began in 2003. We’ve sold freezer beef through this facility for many years.

I believe there are usually practical and workable solutions to most issues that

arise in our own business and beyond. Thanks to Brent Griffin from Elbow for representing SCA Division 6 for the past few years. I hope to contribute to the SCA cause as a representative for our area for at least the next 2 years.